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Enough is never enough

Enough is never enough

I wanted to embrace hygge I really did. When I read about it last year, I thought ‘yes this is for me’. The Danish art of taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every-day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. It sounds so lovely, calm and pleasant. So soft-focus, picture perfect. And so unachievable. As I quickly found out on a family day out when the ice cream man didn’t have sprinkles. There’s nothing pleasant about a sprinkle-less toddler. So maybe hygge is just for beautiful, young, carefree, childless people. I’m not invited into the hygge party – my pass ran out 4 years ago in the maternity unit.

Anyway all is not lost. There is a new craze on the block – lagom. So maybe lagom is my new ‘in’ into the world of Scandi cool and marvelousness. The foundation of lagom is contentment, a sense that things are sufficient just as they are – not too much, not too little – just right. Everything in moderation.

But when has moderation made you cry with laughter until your jaw aches? When has one cocktail ever been enough? Who can stop at one Pringle? Why go on holiday for one week when you can have two? Doing things in moderation is just not sexy in Britain. We like flamboyancy. We like extremes – in our diets and our fashion tastes and music idols. Well-balanced and appropriate just doesn’t get our pulses racing.

When has a client ever asked for a moderate response to their social media campaign? When is an adequate ROI going to get you noticed? Moderation doesn’t win pitches or awards. Settling for less works well on a plate or in a wine glass but not so much in the agency boardroom.

I’d love to know how lagom works with work. I get that we should eat less, buy less, not lust after the latest Mulberry. But how can less be more in a work context? Our PR and marketing campaigns are all about increasing, improving, beating last year’s targets and augmenting response rates. Which is what we do very well at Cameron Wells. As proven by our 13 acclaimed industry awards – all won for achieving outstanding results for our clients.

So maybe lagom isn’t for me either – until I retire. Or can you be a lagomist one day a week when you’re not in work and are child-free? I could maybe manage that. I just need to practice turning down that second glass of Malbec.



Claire Wood