Cameron Wells | Today turned out alright
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Today turned out alright

Today turned out alright

As I drove into work this morning I felt a bit sad. Nostalgically sad for something that if I described it to my kids they would think I was a drunk alien. Do you remember Friday nights when you used to tug at your parents sleeve telling them to ‘get a move on before all the good videos have gone’?  It was the highlight of the week – racing to the local video shop to get your hands one of only three copies of some Brat Pack or 80’s heartthrob movie. The anticipation of seeing if there was an empty box left behind the master copy. The disappointment if it was ‘out’ for two nights was unbearable.

Now it’s just a case of sofa, remote, search, click, watch.

Everything comes easy and fast these days – share, like, poke, swipe left, swipe right, delete, tweet, retweet, emoji, connect, follow, comment – who needs feet for walking and a mouth for talking these days? Our fingers do it all.

Who needs hard work, effort and graft? Need answers – Google it. Need a hotel recommendation – TripAdvisor it. Need a man – Match it. Hungry – Deliveroo it.

So I arrived at work feeling a bit flat. But it was short lived when my inbox popped up with ‘Congratulations you have been shortlisted…’

An instant pick me up. And reassurance that hard work pays.

We have been nominated for Best Integrated B2B Campaign AND Best Financial Services Sector Campaign at the PR Moments Awards 2017. Our lead nurturing campaign for PMI Health Group opened the doors of hard-to-reach FTSE 250 HR directors. 114 doors in fact – against a target of 50. And our PR and Social Media campaign achieved a company record of year-on-year increase of objective UK coverage and social followers for TomTom Telematics.

So we’re all very excited at the prospect of another two awards to add to our thirteen. Almost the same buzz as getting your hands on the last copy of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Claire Wood