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Failure to launch

Failure to launch

Sorry but I’m not sending that urgent advert for you. No real reason. Just not doing it. Ok ok ok. I know it’s been booked in for months. Yes I know you’ve spent hundreds on it but hey ho. There’s always next time. And that LinkedIn campaign. Nah not today. As for that Direct Mail pack – forget it. Going nowhere. And while we’re on the subject we’ve cancelled your social media, emarketing, lead nurturing and PR for the foreseeable.  And your website development? On hold until further notice.

You see, the thing is, no idea how it can have happened… but well… we just overlooked the holiday schedule for the next few months so we’ve no staff cover. No hard feelings eh? These things happen. Worse things happen at sea. Or in the air.

Said no PR and Marketing agency ever.

But that’s pretty much how the conversation went at Ryanair HQ.

The pilot roster blunder will cost Ryanair around £22m in compensation and leave 400,000 customers flightless and a further 18 million in the dark about future holiday plans. And make pilots who are prepared to forfeit their holidays £12,000 richer.

A PR catastrophe that reaches new heights. Customers flooded Twitter with complaints and questions that remained unanswered. Competitors jumped on the bandwagon with Jet2 launching a flash sale to affected destinations. Software companies launched tactical advertising campaigns offering their HR scheduling services. Ones man’s pain is another man’s pleasure.

“Thanks for choosing Europe’s favourite airline” boasts the Ryanair Twitter page. Probably not for the hundreds of passengers sleeping on airport floors. And not for those missing family weddings or much longed for and much saved for holidays.

At Cameron Wells we deliver on our promises. We deliver integrated B2B PR and Marketing campaigns that deliver outstanding results and ROI. And win lots of industry acclaimed awards that look good on our shelves and even better on your bottom line.

So next time you need to get savvy with social, perk up your PR or ameliorate your marketing, we promise we can deliver. Not one to boast but at Cameron Wells were are renowned for going the extra mile. For delivering what we say we will. That’s why our clients stay with us for the long haul.

No frills. No fuss. No hidden costs.






Claire Wood