Cameron Wells | Marketing
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When you’re direct marketing to a business-to-business audience, you get just a few seconds to communicate often complex business arguments, so it’s critical that your direct mailers grab attention – and then keep it.

At Cameron Wells, we produce hard-hitting, creative campaigns which deliver real results. We specialise in using lead generation strategically to build relationships with prospects and keep our clients top of mind throughout often protracted B2B decision-making processes.

Our communications talk the recipient’s language, promote real life benefits and, above all, are 100% relevant to our target audience.


Working with our sister company’s team of talented designers and some of the most cost-effective print suppliers in the North West, we can offer a creative but affordable solution to design and print needs.

We’ve produced everything from trade mag ads to online banner ads, staff magazines to Prezi presentations, seminar invitations to customer newsletters, interactive animations to infographics.


Email is cheap, quick and flexible but it is not without its drawbacks. How do you cut through the spam filters? What subject lines really work best? Are B2B email lists really the best option for getting to your audience online?

We can help you make the most of email marketing, from adding anti-spam wording and Google Analytics coding to emails or using email tracking software to track responses and fine-tune email campaigns to producing the right landing pages.


Your website is your shop window, it needs to sell your story; it needs to invigorate your product and your brand in order to engage and build a strong relationship with your clients. And like every shop window, it needs to evolve so that customers maintain interest in you.

We can deliver everything web related – from planning content to website design and build plus ongoing development.


We often work as an extension of our clients’ marketing team – nationally and internationally. That way they get the best out of us. By getting under the skin of your sector and your brand through extensive market research and competitor analysis, we can provide business comms plans that will deliver results.

Working for you, or rather with you by sharing knowledge, results and experience, we can provide a sound strategic vision for the future.