Welcome to the latest issue of HR Insights, a quarterly round up of ‘how-to’ advice from the health and benefits experts at Willis Towers Watson.
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  Welcome to the latest issue of HR Insights, a quarterly round-up of expert advice and top tips from Willis Towers Watson Health and Benefits.  
  5 ways to part with presenteeism

From dips in productivity and spread of infection to longer-term absence, encouraging your employees to return to work too early after illness can prove counterproductive.
key ways in which you can part with
unhealthy presenteeism.
  The exotic looking rambutan comes with cell-repairing and bone strengthening properties but pick it too early and it will never reach its full health-giving potential.  
  Is every part of your employee benefits package being used?

If nobody signs up to healthcare initiatives, nobody benefits. From internal marketing and workshops to gamification…
ways to nurture employee buy-in for health and wellbeing schemes.
  Every part of the mangosteen tree is used for health and healing purposes, from the bark and the purple rind to the sweet, white flesh and bitter seeds.  
  Benefits for both body and mind

No matter how physically fit your employees may appear, they may be struggling internally. From developing a culture of openness to identifying the link between minor illnesses and emotional problems…
steps towards a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing.
  The jackfruit has a tough and spiky exterior but crack through the skin and a soft, fleshy interior is exposed.  
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