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Stop talking nonsense

Stop talking nonsense

We talk a lot of twaddle in PR and marketing, don’t we? It’s almost become a defining characteristic of the industry. We ‘idea-ise’ outside the box, we don’t draw, but we think about bigger pictures and we boast about our share of voice. And with a new wave of online technologies infiltrating our creative world, we have a new bunch of jargon to learn. Last decade’s CPM and CTR are so passé. Now DSPs and RTB and are de rigeur.

In fact who needs real words and full sentences when you have acronyms and character sensitive social media platforms to communicate with your clients? Does it really only take 3 letters or 140 characters to make them part with their media and marketing budgets? Does it really take so little to make clients the next big thing or most tweeted brand or most shared product?

It’s almost become an egotistical fuelled sport to identify the latest trend with some clever buzzword or acronym (or, let’s face it, rename and regurgitate an old one). Don’t get me wrong – trends are important. You’re talking to a 40 something who owns animal print kitten heel boots and Bardot tops in every colour imaginable. Few industries move faster than marketing, advertising and PR, and if you don’t keep up with the kids then you’re… well not working in marketing, advertising and PR anymore.

That’s why we keep up…but not for keeping up’s sake. We don’t shy away from the new but we don’t dismiss the old, tried and tested. We only use long, influential thought-provoking content when 140 letters and spaces aren’t enough. We only use DM when eDM won’t deliver. We only buy data for hard to reach business leaders and decision makers when linking in with them is not personal enough for the clients we serve.

We believe in integration. Integration with our clients and their brands so that we know them as well as they do. And integration of PR, social media and marketing tools. We are strong advocates of integrated campaigns – not one-off hit wonders but campaigns that deliver year in year out and evolve with communication platforms and audience consumption.

That’s partly why we have been nominated for our 14th award in ten years – Best Professional & Financial Services campaign at The Northern Marketing Awards.

And we don’t talk twaddle. Just a bit of nonsense about the merits of Cillian Murphy and how we would like to integrate with him!

Claire Wood