Cameron Wells | Turning up is the easy bit
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Turning up is the easy bit

Turning up is the easy bit

This week I’ve been let down. A plumber and a roofer didn’t turn up. No call, no text, no explanation. Just two no shows. Did they just fancy a duvet day with a dose of winter man flu or find a more interesting roof to tile and better pipes to plumb? I don’t know – neither of them have returned my calls.

It got me thinking, how would our clients react if we just didn’t turn up for a meeting or decided not to bother mailing their direct mail pack or write their press release? Would we get a second chance? Understandably not a chance.

Manchester is proud to boast some of the most exciting, dynamic PR and marketing agencies in the UK. Here at Cameron Wells, we are proud to be part of that scene.

A London postcode is no longer a prerequisite for companies wanting to be seen as working with the ‘in-crowd’.  B2B and consumer campaigns win awards up against London’s big boys. The arrival of the BBC at Mediacity has further boosted our city’s reputation as a creative hub and the influx of journalists has opened up more opportunities for Manchester PR agencies than ever before.  But these opportunities bring more competition – from both hungry new start-ups and old-timers reinventing themselves.  Everyone has had to up their game which can only ever be a good thing. Just turning up is not enough. Chance would be a fine thing. My cold leaking house is testament to that.

At Cameron Wells, we strive to excite, delight and make our clients look good. We deliver B2B marketing solutions that get results. And awards.  That’s why clients stay with us and why they recommend us to their peers.

Anybody know a good plumber?

Claire Wood