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Here are 6 reasons why we think you’d be a smart cookie to choose Cameron Wells:


We genuinely care. Yes we’re in it for the money – someone has to pay the mortgage – but it’s not all about profit. We give our staff enough time to do every job really well.


Because we look after our staff, they stay with us – for 8 years on average. So you benefit from team consistency and expertise in your sector.


We employ former journalists as they’re the best people for the job, already well-versed in creating topical, interesting and authoritative content for both media coverage and lead nurturing.


We have a proven track-record in creating award-winning content that generates sales leads. Our lead nurturing campaign for Willis Towers Watson resulted in 23% of targeted FTSE 500 companies agreeing to a face-to-face meeting.


We keep clients – for more than 6 years on average but often much longer.


We win awards – lots of them. Our integrated B2B PR and marketing campaigns have won us several awards from the Financial Services Forum, B2B Marketing Magazine, Fresh PR, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and How-Do.


At Cameron Wells, you won’t find any PR puff or marketing jargon, just bright, down-to-earth individuals who tell it like it is and have a seriously can-do approach to life.

Here’s what we definitely don’t do at Cameron Wells:

We don’t come up with wacky, unworkable ideas just to win your business.

We’re realistic, honest and up-front about the job we can do for you. It may be a cliché, but your reputation really is our reputation. We simply can’t afford to disappoint clients.

We don’t promise you a double page spread in the FT – and then
fail to deliver.

We’ve been working with the media for many years, so we know what makes a story, what doesn’t and how to present it in the right way to the right people.

We don’t wheel out the slick presenters at the pitch – and then pass you over to our newest recruit straight out of college to cut their teeth on your account.

What you see really is what you get with Cameron Wells. Direct lines to the most senior people. We don’t want to sit in management offices, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

We don’t expect to be spoon-fed.

We’re here to create news, not just to tell it. We use a combination of imaginative thinking and hard graft to unearth opportunities for you. We’re heavily proactive with the media, not just reactive.

We don’t get fazed by complex business issues or technology.

In fact, we find it rather a turn-on. We love the challenge of interpreting complicated issues into plain English. We put in the time, the effort and above all, the enthusiasm to really get under the skin of your industry and your business.

We don’t down pens when your time is up.

It’s hard to demonstrate our level of commitment until you work with us, but would it help to know that two of our current clients have been with us for 8 and 14 years respectively?

We don’t spread ourselves too thinly.

We make no bones about the fact that we are a small team. It means we can get to know you better, climb up the initial learning curve faster and give you greater commitment, precisely because we’re not working on 12 different accounts at once.

We don’t make up our own objectives for your PR programme and then congratulate ourselves for achieving them.

We set our stall by evaluation. PR is cost effective but it’s still an expense. Everybody deserves to know what return they’re getting on their investment. We work with you from the outset to work out the most effective way of measuring results and then we give you regular updates, so we all know how we’re doing.

We don’t agree a modest monthly fee – and then slap you with a long list of ‘extras’ we omitted to mention at the pitch.

We supply you with a list of what is and isn’t included right at the start, so you know exactly what to expect.

We don’t agree with you every time.

If we think something won’t work, we’ll tell you and suggest a better way of doing things. You pay us to be thinkers not just do-ers.

We don’t take no for an answer.

We know you’re busy and that PR can slip to the bottom of your in-tray sometimes. But we’re politely tenacious in helping you to get the most out of us.

We don’t tolerate grammatical errors or typos.

We make no apology for being old school on grammar. There’s simply no excuse for sloppiness. Attention to detail is critical.

We don’t make things up.

Ever. Even if you pay us handsomely. We don’t lie for a living.