Not a job for me

There’s a big bah humbug cloud lurking over our festive skies this year. Threatening to stamp on our Christmas baubles and down all our festive spirit in one gluttonous glug.

The Brexit deal. Or lack of it. Or the uncertainty of it. It is the unwelcome guest at the Christmas dinner table. The unwanted gift under the tree. It’s the Grinch of Christmas 2018.

Love, loathe or indifferent to our PM, it’s the one job I can say I would have thrown my blood, sweat and tears-soaked towel in for by now. I would have waved my soggy surrender flag and limped off to the bliss of a long-haul, open-ticket holiday as far away from Europe as I could possibly get.

Even the flurry of early November Christmas TV ads hasn’t got me dreaming of a white Christmas just yet. So, I for one just want Brexit over and done with so we can get on with over-indulging, over-eating and over-spending just like every other Brexit-less Christmas.

In the meantime, 2019 planning must go on. Whatever the deal or no deal. Marketing budgets have to be allocated and spend on PR planned. We might have to rip it up and start again on 29thMarch but for now, clients still want innovative but cost-effective creative, clever but concise content, startling but significant social media and futureproof but formidable forecasts.

And that’s what we do best. For telematics, insurance, fleet management and employee benefits to name but a few sectors. Our PR campaigns cut through the clutter of Christmas and get coverage where others don’t. Our creative stands out to engage busy, hard to reach target audiences. Our ideas inspire, innovate and excite clients. Even in the run-up and wind-down to Christmas.

We might not love every aspect of our job but no matter what the brief, we never throw the towel in when the going gets tough or when we get asked to deliver the seemingly impossible.

Some of us get excited by writing informed web copy or technical case studies, others excel at Excel – revelling in seeing the results and ROI roll in, while some get their kicks from concepts that can transcend every element of the marketing mix. Some of our account managers relish the rewards of a well-organised contact or status report while another basks in the chaos of multi-tasking on multi projects for multi clients. We all bring something different to the festive table.

Even the Grinch can’t steal Christmas creativity from Cameron Wells.

But please ‘do one’ Brexit, I want to write my Christmas list without your festive-less fingers tapping on my shoulder telling me to cross off the Mulberry handbag. It’s British so I’m allowed it this year. It’s for my Brexited country. Not for me.

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