You don’t have to be riche to be niche

A 30-second ad during ITV’s breakfast schedule during Good Morning Britain costs around £3,000 to £4,000. At peak rate it can cost up to £30,000. And if you want to be sandwiched in the X Factor final expect to pay £200,000 plus.

Time really is money.

And I’ve just been complaining about the cost of my daughter’s nursery at £48 per day. That’s 28,800 seconds of education, entertainment, cuddles, storytelling, gloop and role play, nursing, feeding and nappy changing. Suddenly it seems very cheap. Very cheap indeed. To do the things that traditionally I should be doing. But I admit that I don’t have the skills to make a paper-mache masterpiece fit for Peppa and George. So I outsource that job to the nursery who do it so much better than I ever could.

A bit like the role of an ad or PR agency. Outsource the things you don’t have time, inclination or skillset to do yourself.

Years ago it was deemed very middle-upper class to send your child to nursery. And the privilege of only top universal brands to use PR and advertising agencies. Now it’s a necessity to allow working mums to well… work. And small brands to grow and big brands to grow even bigger.

Just over 100 years ago, only rich people had cars, then Henry Ford came along and drove down the cost through mass manufacturing and ensured that everybody could have a car. Even us.

Years ago, eating out was what wealthy people did. When I was a child, an annual trip to KFC and the Bernie Inn was the pinnacle of decadence. My children beat that in just one week.

Even low cost airlines have democratised travel so that we can book a flight for the price of a round of drinks.

But the latest thing the rich and time-poor business people want is time, not possessions. Anything that saves time is on the must-have lust list. Today we can already use our smartphones as our virtual PA with the likes of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Your smartphone is your camera, torch, ghetto blaster, VHS player, microphone, map and husband finder all rolled into one.

What is unimaginable today will be for the well-heeled and wealthy tomorrow then one day, ubiquitous.

So look out rich, we’re right behind you. Always just right behind you.

The same can be said in PR and marketing. You no longer need a big agency and big brand budgets to reap big brand results. Just ask our clients.

Buy yourself some time. Outsource your PR, social, content and lead generation campaigns to an agency that delivers.

So look out Saatchi and Shandwick, we’re right behind you. Always just right behind you.

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