Come up with new ideas for content

Content marketing – how to come up with ideas for new content

Content marketing has become the new bandwagon that everyone has jumped on in B2B marketing. It’s another bit of jargon that can easily be translated, however, and owes as much to human nature as to textbook strategies.

  1. Fact 1: Unless you are in the final stages of the buying cycle, nobody likes being actively ‘sold’ to. It feels intrusive and no B2B marketing professional wants to end up feeling like a foot-in-the-door double glazing salesman.
  2. Fact 2: Instead, B2B marketeers have to earn their right to sell later on by sharing useful, objective, credible, relevant, expert advice now – when prospects are in the early stages of research. Don’t tell them about your products, tell them about how the general technology can help them to solve a problem, make them look good in front of their boss, support their staff better, make their working day easier so they can leave work on time etc.

So far, so straightforward. But the internet is awash with anodyne advice from the school of the  obvious. So how do you come up with high quality, engaging, fresh content to fuel your marketing campaign?

Aside from the obvious point about subscribing to relevant enewsletters, LinkedIn groups, Google alerts and RSS feeds so you are amongst the first to know about industry developments, in an ideal world you could also ask your current clients what they want to hear about.

You should then create a schedule so the inspiration doesn’t dry up with enough flexibility in it to be able to respond to new developments as they happen.

At Cameron Wells, we’ve been doing this for clients for 8 years – here’s a case study and a list of ideas which might help:

  • Buyer guides e.g. 10 things to look for when specifying… a 3 step guide to buying…
  • 10 questions to ask…
  • 5 must haves, 5 mistakes to avoid
  • Trends – creating threats/opportunities for your clients
  • Warning signs – 7 signs of impending cashflow problems
  • Strategies: 12 ways to reduce your health insurance costs
  • Definitions – 10 SEO terms explained – demystify buzzwords
  • Resources – 10 best guides, best websites, best online calculators
  • Aggregated content e.g. 10 best infographics (where you should always credit and link to source)
  • Enhancements – 10 ways to make the most of your tracking system, are you getting the most out of your dictation technology?
  • Best practice – 10 keys to sustainable growth/case studies
  • Metrics – are your enewsletters working? 6 metrics to track
  • Capture content from events and then drip feed out info in different formats: e.g. from a presentation: video – topics by topic, podcast, slides, article, white paper, webinar and a news release

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