How to create engaging infographics

Infographics have created a marketing bandwagon that all savvy marketeers appear to have scrambled onto to liven up dull topics or simplify complex ones, but how do you make them as engaging and effective as possible?

Here are our 10 top tips to creating the perfect infographic:

  1. Ensure you consider everything and plan everything before you start to design an infographic, for example consider the structure of it, what you want to include on it and what the purpose of it is. Will it be used to mainly to educate or entertain people, for example? Will it be for social media or more for sales meetings collateral? Create a central theme around which all your statistics will hang.
  2. Create a strong, enticing header for your infographic and social media posts to encourage click throughs.
  3. Get it right from the offset – use correct facts and stats for your infographic and double check they are correct before thinking about anything visual.
  4. Make your design unique to ensure it stands out; use strong graphics and make sure it has a colour scheme and look and feel that accurately reflects the brand.
  5. Tailor your infographic for your target audience, using relevant design style and language. In an ideal world you will already know that this is a hot topic and that your target audience feel strongly about.
  6. Don’t try to tackle too many subjects at a time, one subject per infographic.
  7. Keep a good balance between images and text, don’t include too much text as this defeats the point of an infographic.
  8. Ensure your infographic flows logically and that everything is in the correct order.
  9. Don’t be lulled into making it too long – the average time spent viewing an infographic is only three minutes so forcing people to keep on scrolling could be extra design budget down the drain.
  10. Always include your sources or a link to your sources online.

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s a couple we prepared earlier….

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